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Market Shows Mixed Results in the First Half of 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter a great First Quarter, real estate sales in Summit County cooled off in the Second Quarter.  
Sales of all types of property through June totaled 678 closings.  This is nearly unchanged from the same period last year.  Since the bottom of the market in 2009, first half sales have increased steadily until this year and have averaged about 40% of the total sales for each year.… [Read More]

More home buyers are bringing all-cash offers

ByDina ElBoghdady, Published: Washington Post May 26, 2014
According to a recent article in the Washington Post, a growing number of home buyers are bringing an unusual tactic to the negotiating table: an all-cash offer.
Cash purchases traditionally make up about a quarter of home sales, but they’ve soared to about 40 percent nationwide, according to the research firm CoreLogic.
And more of these buyers are individuals, not the institutional investors who plunged into the housing market when it collapsed then pulled back when home prices house
… [Read More]

New Mobile App Shows All the Listings

OK… you’re driving though Hamilton Creek.  You see a house with a sale sign but no flyers.  You want to know how much it is and if there’s a wine cellar.  What do you do?
First, you call Chuck Leathers, but Emily tells you that he’s not available right now.skimls skimlsmap
Well, don’t worry. There’s an app for that.
SkiMLS is available for free at this link:
… [Read More]

Open Houses: No Middle Ground You either love ‘em or hate ‘em

Do open houses work in selling your property?  Ask ten sellers or brokers and you’ll get two answers: yes and no.  According to a recent article in The Residential Specialist, the trade magazine for Certified Residential Specialists, there is no middle ground between positions on open house graphic
And the “no’s” will probably out number the “yes’s” by two to one.
Brokers who are convinced that open houses work tend to be early in their careers and open houses are their primary source of business.  It’s an opportunity to network with the neighbors, meet buyers who are looking for something else, and generally build their name recognition in the market.  It’s another tool and helps jump start the new broker’s career.
… [Read More]

Rumour, Gossip & Innuendo

radioIt’s moose season again… and our mountains are getting crowded enough that an area near Aspen has been closed due to moose activity for the first time ever.  People actually try to have their picture taken petting a moose.  Others think their unleashed dogs won’t chase a moose and end up having a moose chase them.  Every year people are injured by moose in Colorado.  This isn’t Disneyland and those aren’t animatronic critters folks…. [Read More]

The Final Word

over Golden2Summer crowds are here and bigger than ever.  
The weather has been pretty great and there have been lots of music, sports and events to draw the visitors.
It feels like it did ten years ago before the Depression hit.  Maybe things are finally returning to normal… whatever that is these days.
Anyway, it’s a great time to be in the mountains and I’m glad every day when I walk out and see my view of the Gore Range and a really green Blue River Valley.
If you are wishing you could join us here, give me a call.

Chuck Leathers, CRS

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