Step 2 – Get a Loan!

ContentImage_MortgageApplicationUnless you are an all cash buyer, you will need a “financial partner”, also known as a MORTGAGE LENDER, to provide the funds you don’t have to purchase your new home. This requires you to convince your new “Partner”, that you have the capability to pay back the funds they will advance you to enable you to purchase your home.

But that’s only half of the lending process.  The other half is lender approval of the property.  The lender will Google the neighborhood and find that many of these are second homes, are rented and there is a Homeowner’s Association.  Suddenly your 850 FICO score becomes kind of irrelevant.  It’s all about the property now.

I can help make this process a lot less difficult and a lot more likely to succeed.  This is a resort area and most lenders aren’t familiar with our specialized mortgage market.   I can guide you to several experienced mountain resort lenders with years of success in Summit County.

Step 3: Prepare a Wish List!

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