Step-6: Accepting an Offer / Due Diligence

Accepting an Offer

Once you receive an Offer on your home, you and I will review all the terms and conditions of the Offer. If any of the terms or conditions of the offer are different than the terms indicated in the MLS and are not acceptable to you, you have the right to Counter the initial Offer made with terms and conditions which meet your requirements.

Through this process of reviewing, countering and/or accepting the Purchase Offer, you and I will work closely to meet deadlines for responses and I will provide answers to your questions as they come up.  Having completed nearly 900 sales and worked with perhaps twice that number that did not go under contract lacking agreement on price or terms, you can expect reliable and experienced advice from me.

Once the Purchase Offer is Countered and accepted, the clock starts running for many items needed to meet the requirements of the agreement and your protection. We will immediately order the Title Opinion to be delivered to the Buyer. As the Buyer completes his requirements, we will be sure to review the results of the Appraisal and the inspection report with you and advise you on your options for response.

If, for example the results of the Inspection Report are not reasonable, you will have the option not to perform any requested items, thereby giving the Buyer the option to waive the items listed or to terminate the Contract. We will advise you on all such matters along the way to closing.

Step 7: Closing

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