Where Have All The Sellers Gone??

Summit Inventory is Running on Empty

Summit Inventory
is Running on Empty

The low inventory is spooky…

So now that we have buyers returning to the Summit County market, where are the sellers?

It took until the end of March for the number of listings to climb above 1300. In March 2013 there were well over 1500 properties for sale. And the peak number of 1885 was reached in the first week of August…. [Read More]

There’s Certainly No Shortage of Land For Sale, Though…

land-avg-price-by-yearThe good news about land is that I’m getting more inquiries about land sales than I have in a few years. The bad news is that about half of them are owners wondering if land is selling any better than it has. … [Read More]

Rumor, Gossip & Innuendo!!


We’ve got 300% of normal snow levels this year… and it won’t stop snowing. Ski season has been extended into May at one Summit County resort and the others will probably follow. It looks like A Basin will make the 4th of July this year. Hawaii, anyone? … [Read More]

The Final Word


This has been another great snow year. Visitor count is up, guests are happy, and the only terrain that opened late was because of extreme avalanche conditions…. [Read More]

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