Everyone Has Their Own Facts These Days

So Chuck – the question goes – how come your sales figures are always less than the ones in the local newspaper?    They said 2300 properties sold through November and you say only  2100 sold for the whole year.
Good question.  Apparently  they use the County Clerk’s figures that cover all types of sales: FSBOs, transfers between related parties, etc.  If it has a warranty deed, it counts.
My figures are from the Summit Association of Realtors MLS and include only sales that Realtors are involved in and only in Summit County proper.  (Our MLS covers parts of Grand, Park and Lake counties.)
These sales are completely verifiable regarding price, terms and who bought and sold.  The data has been collected under the same rules for many years and we get fined for incorrect entry of sales.  I can rely on the data from 1985 just as much as from this year.
So it’s hard to believe that this year three or four hundred properties, or about 20% of County sales, transferred outside of the MLS.
The news people have deadlines and need strong hooks to make  readers wade through dry stats.    So they feature how many multi-million dollar homes sold last Quarter even though 60% of Summit sales are for $600,000 or less.
So, no, I have no ulterior motive.  It’s just a difference in how we collect and analyze data.

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