How Summit County Realtors Stack Up… in One Graph

It’s year-end, full page ad braggin’ time in the Summit County real estate world.  Every company (except mine) will take out a large ad in the Summit Daily announcing that they’re NUMBER ONE!  (in Montezuma, on Tuesday, in March under a full moon.)
So keeping in mind that we can spin this any way that is to our advantage, let’s just see…
The Slifer, Smith, etc.  Summit Daily ad from December 26, 2015 shows how much real estate each of the six largest companies closed in 2015.  Never mind that it was still a week before the end of the year.
The latest roster of Summit Association of Realtors membership shows the number of brokers working at each of these companies.
Simple math does the rest and, voila, we see how much volume each company’s brokers averaged.sales per broker
And it’s shocking in a couple of ways.  Re/Max has 70 brokers and averaged less than $5 million per.  While Breckenridge Associates with only 17 working Realtors averaged over $11 million per broker.
But wait – who’s that at the end of the graph?  Chuck Leathers?  Well I didn’t average $12.5 million, that’s my actual production.  (My broker associate Mollie McCarthy sold a bunch so CLRE Co. production was even higher.)
So am I NUMBER ONE!?  Well… probably not.
But this goes to reinforce what I tell customers every time; you aren’t hiring a company, you’re hiring an individual real estate professional.
Mr. Re/Max isn’t your broker, Bonnie Broker who happens to work at Re/Max is.  She’s the one who will either have the expertise and experience to price your property correctly and sell it as soon as possible for the best price possible… or not.
I’m closing in on 1000 career sales worth about $200 million.  I have help, my invaluable assistant Emily Caldwell, but I’m the one worrying about getting your property sold or finding you the right one to buy.  And then I’m the one losing sleep over getting the closing done on time and with no nasty surprises.
Maybe I should take out that full page ad.  Nah… more people read my newsletter than those ads.

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