How you live in your home and how you sell your home are two different things


Your home is your castle… until it hits the market.  Then it becomes a commercial enterprise.  Yes, you still own it and make all the payments, but you will be sharing it with buyer prospects.  And if you want to get it sold, you’ll need to make some accommodations.
Buyers want to try the place on, imagine how it will be to own it, pretend it’s theirs already.  Everything that interferes with that process needs to be eliminated.


You don’t need to rebuild the place, just do the dishes


Sorry, but your Harley and RV in the driveway aren’t helping.

Keeping the place relatively clean and neat while living there every day is tough, but will pay off in a higher price and faster sale.  The goal is for your home to present as close to a show home as possible while you are still living there.
Removing your 105 pound Rottweiler for showings will help.  Not everyone loves dogs and some prospects (and brokers) won’t even go in a house with a growling, barking dog guarding the place.
Stalking the buyers around with their broker is a great way to creep buyers out.  They want to be able to roam freely through the home without worrying that there will be toes sticking out from under the bed covers.  They want to be able to discuss the place freely amongst themselves.  And it’s better if you don’t hear that.
If it’s your vacation home, you need to keep the heat and water on even though it will cost money.  A cold home will cost you more in shortened and uncomfortable showings.  Turning off the water might net you a messy surprise, too.  
And don’t yell at your broker if she is reluctant to give you the code to the lock box.  It’s not personal. The idea is to be sure there’s a key there for the broker who is showing, not in your or your guest’s car headed back to Kansas.
Sellers need to think of themselves as hosts to guests they haven’t met yet.  What do you do when you expect a guest?  You try to make them as comfortable as you can.  
Keep in mind that one of these guests will be giving you a lot of money.  That should make up for the inconvenience and effort of holding a perpetual open house.  
And if it helps sell faster, the faster you can get back to your own life again.

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