New Regs Will Impact Owner-booked Short Term Rentals

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If you rent your property through VRBO, HomeAway or other do it yourself web sites, you need be aware of a recent trend.  In many resort areas across the US, owners who rent their property themselves are being required to have a local manager to handle problems and complaints.
The State of Hawaii, the City of Boulder, New York City and other areas have passed ordinances or restrictions to require a local contact for noise complaints, overcrowding, increased traffic or other problems with vacation rental properties.  This is happening particularly in residential areas where permanent residents are dealing with increasing numbers of owner booked properties.
Rental management companies support restrictions on owner booked rentals.  They are regulated and licensed and have overhead costs that owners don’t have when booking their own properties.
Local governments argue that they miss tax revenue from owners who rent their own properties without a business license or other disclosure.  Governments also say that they have to spend resources responding to problems with owner booked rentals.
The upshot is that more short-term rental regulation will come to Summit County sooner or later. It would be a good move to start looking for a local manager to satisfy the expected requirements.
There are more and more local companies that work with owner booked rentals to monitor the guests, do the move-out cleaning and to handle complaints from both guests and neighbors.
Get set now and avoid the rush!

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