One Last Time… It’s

Despite fears that drought would kill the fall color season… we had one of the earliest, longest and brightest finales of leafy splendor in recent memory. The aspens lasted over 4 weeks this year before dropping off by themselves instead of being frozen and snowed off as usually happens. The roads were clogged with happy leaf-peepers!

Just an idea ahead of its time… those two wheeled juggernauts called Segways will not be appearing on the streets and, more importantly, the sidewalks of Breckenridge any time soon. Can you imagine packs of Kansas grandmas wobbling through weekend crowds? Bring your steel toed boots.

Shared E-bikes, on the other hand…are piling up all over towns in Summit as hipsters grab them to ride to the bar and leave them for the next guy, usually right in the middle of the sidewalk. No ban on them yet, but it’s probably coming. I see them piling up behind the Police Dept.

Half of Downtown Dillon was demolished and hauled away last week… as they make way for a new hotel and condominium complex at the entrance to town on Lake Dillon Drive. After years of starts and stops, it looks like these projects have finally begun. So you know what that means… the next recession is imminent!

And in a remarkably accurate, informed and prescient prognostication… Chuck Leathers has predicted that Summit County will continue to grow and prosper for decades to come with big but not unbearable changes. Snow will still fall, leaves will sprout in spring, mountains will still stand, no home delivery of mail will ever become available, and Texans will continue to be Texans. Spooky how I know all this, eh?


  1. Thanks for your quarter information. I bought in DVE 98, was there summers and winters, when I got tired of the snow, 07, I was lucky to rent it long term.

  2. Holly Bushnell says

    Congratulations on retiring. I caught you just in time two summers ago. Interesting… Biz goes to Jason Smith who represented my buy it in 8 hours buyer who stole my place for 10k less because they would have to actually make money on it for a couple months. So , yeah, he’ll be fine.
    Enjoy retirement. You’ve worked hard for it.

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