Phishing Pollutes Real Estate Transactions

E-mail scammers are getting better and better.  It used to be really easy to pick up on the “You’ve won the Nigerian Lottery” scam or the “Help! Mom’s stranded in India, please send money” dodge.
But now, these punks have figured out how to pose as participants in real estate transactions using actual information about sales in progress.  

We’ve had scammers try to get clients, brokers and title companies to send wire transfers for earnest money or closing proceeds to bogus destinations.  They reference specific closings currently in progress but usually lack the detail that would normally be found in such messages.  So  if it doesn’t look the same as previous e-contract messages, e-mails or links, beware.
Our customers are encouraged to call us to confirm that we sent any message that seems suspicious.
This could cripple the real estate business by making e-mail unusable for sending and receiving sensitive documents.
For now, we are being extra vigilant and making a lot more phone calls to confirm that these messages are real.  
Remember when the Internet was supposed to make business easier and more efficient?

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