The Real Meaning of Full Service Real Estate

Lately in the real estate business customers are either extra mature and not real tech savvy or 20-somethings who can’t understand why you didn’t instantly respond to their tweet of 3 minutes ago.
So match up a buyer who’s 20-something and a senior seller and it can be a challenge.

Young Buyer:  We haven’t heard back from the seller yet?  We sent the offer over 10 minutes ago.

Anything yet? Not yet! How about now? Now? Anything?

Anything yet? Not yet! How about now? Nothing! Now? Anybody got anything?

Senior Seller: What’s their rush? Can’t you just mail me the offer?  My son/daughter/friend will come over and fix my e-mail on Thursday.
And often that’s the match up.

Sellers have often owned these second homes for decades and may even be original owners.

Occasionally, it’s their kids who become the sellers after inheriting the property.  Then the issue is not response time or tech ability.  It’s the emotional issue of selling a place the family grew up with.

The young buyer hits a big speed bump when he or she discovers you don’t just go online to get the loan for a condominium or property with an HOA.  You need to actually talk on the telephone to a local lender who can actually do the loan.  It’s not instant like in the Quicken Loan TV ads.

Usually we can guide everyone to a successful conclusion.   We get a relative to handle the time critical parts of the transaction for the senior seller and can usually calm the young buyer down enough to get through the “old school” loan process.

It’s not just real estate, folks.  My job is psychologist, family counselor, financial planner and dispute resolver.  I’m not officially any of these, but I do play them all on TV.

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