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radioFor the first time in years, Lake Dillon didn’t freeze over between Christmas and New Year’s….  And it’s not because it hasn’t been cold.  Guess the warm autumn kept the temps up longer this year.  I’d make a crack about Global Warming, but last time I did, I got hate mail from climate change deniers… really.  It was scary.  They have no sense of humor.

Even with the alleged “late start” to the ski season, we made up for it in spades…. judging from the gridlocked roads and grocery aisles over Christmas.  Used to be (old-timer story alert) if we were able to ski by Veteran’s Day it was an exceptional year.  Now if the lifts don’t run by Halloween, the season is considered lost.

“My Realtor told me that was National Forest and it would always be open space.”…. We used to be able to promise that with certainty.  Now, not so much.  Pressure to turn National Forest over to the states or to sell it off will build for the next few years.  This has been bandied about in Washington for years, but now it seems entirely too possible.  That’s OK.  All those trees aren’t doing us any good where they stand.

So the best New Year’s Resolution I can think of is to get out into the mountains and ignore everything else….  Hike, ski, climb, go paragliding, and don’t check the news or your email.  There’s going to be two kinds of people for at least the next four years: happily unplugged ones and everyone else. Remember why you came to the mountains in the first place. It wasn’t your cell phone.

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