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radar-dishesCancel the emergency… that big pile of dirt and all the earthmovers parked in front of Lookout Ridge isn’t the start of big box construction… yet.  The Town says it’s just being levelled .  But can a big box store be far away?

If you’re thinking about trying Sauce on the Blue… better make reservations. After 10 years of vacancy in the Silverthorne Town Center, the space is finally a restaurant and a great one at that.  When the Performing Arts Center opens right next door, you won’t be able to get in the place.

Science comes to the rescue again… Aspen and Evergreen may require DNA samples from dogs so owners who leave dog poop behind can be tracked and fined… seriously.  Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just offer a bounty for cellphone video of dog owners scuttling away from their mess.  There could be a Youtube channel just for this: “Shame on you for residue”

Once again, it stopped snowing in March… after huge storms from December to February, March looked more like June.  Kite skiing stopped early as the lake got slushy. That’s OK… with job killing CO2 regulations gone, we’ll all be too busy at our new high paying oil and coal patch jobs to ski anyway.

Guess the Colorado moose re-introduction program has been a success… They’re hangin’ around the Safeway in Frisco, racing skiers down the runs at Breck, standing on my front porch and generally trending and going viral on the web all winter long.  Every moose gets 15 minutes of fame these days. 

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