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radar-dishesSilverthorne’s new performing arts center opened in June… no more squeezing into a small drafty historic building to see plays and concerts.  This will be one of the better $9 million investments the Town ever makes.  The agin’ers who are still mad about the Rec Center after 20 years will be apoplectic over this, I’m sure.

Every road in Summit County… is coned off just in time for July 4th.  Nothing happened for 40 years then in June every road project began at the same time.  Don’t these guys talk to each other?  Oh… maybe they do.

There’s good news and there’s bad news… Summit County has the highest life expectancy in the USA at 86.3 years per a University of Washington study this year.   However, another recent study finds Summit and Eagle counties have the highest health care costs in the country. So, to recap: In Summit County you’ll live forever but you’ll be eating cat food ‘cause it’s all you can afford.

A new bike race will visit Breckenridge as a race venue this year… the Colorado Classic will be in town August 11.  No long distance multiple pass routes this year, just local circuits.  Lots of world class men and women racers will be here, however.  We’ll see if shorter is better.

Another in the continuing series Signs That The Apocalypse Is Imminent:  New developments are beginning again in Winter Park.  Each time in the past when large new construction projects have begun in our neighbor over Berthoud Pass, an immediate recession has killed the whole thing.  Instead of new housing, those guys really need a tunnel under Berthoud Pass.

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