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radioThe solitude of a 14,000 foot mountain top… along with 300,000 of your closest friends.  That’s the estimate of how many times Colorado’s 14’ers get climbed per year. It’s getting attention due to the dozen or so deaths on those peaks this year.  Having often found a giggling group of Texas kids in T-shirts and flip-flops up there, it’s always been a mystery why more of them don’t die.  Guess Darwin was wrong.

Resistance is futile… prepare to be assimilated.  Most of Utah skiing is now owned by Colorado companies.  Aspen Skiing bought Deer Valley this year and Vail assoc. jumped on a lease that Park City had failed to renew in time so every ski area in striking distance of the Salt Lake airport save one is owned by two Colorado companies.  And most major skiing in North America is in the same boat.  In Summit County… home planet of the Borg. We don’t even think about it any more.

After a couple of years without a big bike race… one came back this summer.  The Colorado Classic spent a day racing around Breckenridge.  It’s not as epic as the USA Pro Tour, but it’s good to have the event return for a while.  As both ski and bike racing have proven, however, Coloradans would rather be doing than watching, so crowds and the revenue they bring, are hard to come by.

No college, no theater, no nuthin’… certainly not a 48 unit complex in Dillon next to the CMC building.  Once again, forces in Dillon want to stop development as happened with the Lake Dillon Theater (went to Silverthorne) and the Colorado Mtn. College expansion (went to Breck).  With no new buildings for 20 years and a town center that has never launched, recent town approval for the Dillon Flats complex threatens to break the streak.  Maybe guard gates like in Beaver Creek would cut down traffic.

And finally… Summit County governments are trying to come up with regulations to limit those annoying drones.  You know, they make pistol shot shells in .44 magnum… just sayin’.

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