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radioAfter decades of neglect, suddenly the State and CDOT have decided to fix all the roads at the same time… and started in September.  I70 is pretty much a one-lane affair from the Eisenhower Tunnel to the Twin Tunnels and if this keeps up there may be no lanes open at all at some point.  Maybe that would be better…

This has been the longest, most colorful and warmest autumn anyone can remember.  For the past several drought years the leaves would turn colors and fall off in a matter of days.  In late October there are still trees with green leaves in a few places.  It’s nice to have a normal fall, makes winter seem a little more reasonable.

Where’s Kim Jong Un???… Reliable sources report he’s been seen working at Lowes in Silverthorne on the swing shift re-stock crew.  Good news for North Korea, bad news for some local who’s job he took.

The annual Silverthorne Pumpkin Fest coincided with the first snowfall in the valley… so obviously making snowmen was more  interesting than pumpkins and munchkin snowball fights broke out all over.  Oh well… whatever keeps them occupied and off my lawn.

And finally… the Lake Dillon Theater Company, the Town of Dillon and the Town of Frisco once again brought tons of great music to the Dillon Amphitheater and Frisco Town Park every week through the summer.  It’s amazing the kind of shows they bring and all for free.  Nice work, guys.

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