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radioWinter in Summit County is off to a booming beginning…  Thanksgiving snow was some of the best ever and Christmas storms just dumped on us.  Judging from the crowds, the traffic, the stuffed restaurants and the lodging rentals, Denver and everywhere else west of the Mississippi must have been deserted.

It took an act of congress… literally… to change the Lake Hill property from National Forest to the control of Summit County.  That’s the strip of land between I70 and the Dam Road overlooking the lake.  The plan is for more deed-restricted attainable housing to be built so people who work here can afford to live here instead of driving in from Kremmling every day.

Some still await the end of the world as we know it… since pot became legal in Colorado.  Until that happens, however, we’ve got this embarrassing problem of too much success.  Pot is now a major business and Summit County leads all resort areas in sales and revenues.  Tourism is up substantially, Colorado colleges have big wait lists, and we have too much tax revenue.   It’s always something, isn’t it?

Vail Resorts continues its quest to dominate the world… having just taken control of most of the East Side of the Wasatch in Utah.  Park City is the latest to be assimilated (resistance is futile).  Seems the Epic Pass will get Californians to come to Colorado.  They have always stopped at Salt Lake City (probably for the wild bar scene). Vail hopes that once they find that we have a Whole Foods… and bars… they’ll be hooked for life.

I70… its’a mixed blessing… As Colorado plays catch-up for neglecting the road, CDOT is doing everything at once.  Fortunately, the Twin Tunnels project is complete but the 3rd lane toll road to Denver project will continue all summer.  The upside is that buyers are buying in Summit County to avoid the weekend gridlock.

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