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radar-dishesIt only took 25 years, but Summit Cove will finally have cell phone service…  A new “stealth” site will be built at the Summit Cove Fire Station matching the existing building so well you won’t even know what it is.  Soon we’ll be joining the Third World and the 21st Century  in communication capability.  What next?  Lane lines on the roads? Pavement?

Bet you didn’t know that it was illegal to collect rain from your roof in Colorado… but thanks to the visionary folks in the State Legislature, now you can drink your fill or water your garden the next time it dumps.  Determined to catch up with the times, legislators are now working quickly to change the law prohibiting overnight buggy parking on public roads.  Whale oil lamp legislation coming soon!

The tubing hill at Frisco will never melt… we’ll be tubing on the 4th of July!  You  can see it from I70, a white ribbon in a sea of brown and green.  The hill has been a major success and the idea of offering beginner ski lessons there is brilliant.  What better way to start than on a small friendly hill with no chair lift or rippin’ snowboarders breezin’ you at 90 MPH.

It’s always a surprise to go outside the day after Easter… and find the streets deserted, the grocery store quiet, no line at the gas pump and a general sense that you are all alone in Summit County.  Of course the other 35,000 residents feel that way, too, but the illusion is nice.  Oh, and less people making right turns from the far left lane… priceless!

And the osprey are back… at the Eagles Nest road entry.  The town home sized nest blew down last fall after they left and there was some question if they would return to rebuild.    Unfortunately, another couple weren’t so lucky.  It looks like a pair of bald eagles usurped their nest out north of Silverthorne.  Drama in the mountains. I see a reality show here, folks.

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