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radioWe never really had an off season this spring… towns are packing weekends with festivals and events starting in May and running through to ski season.  Bands you haven’t heard of in decades are on tour and playing mega-venues like A-Basin and Frisco Historical Park.  Colorado should start a tribute band hall of fame.  There are a ton of Led Zeppelin and Grateful Dead impersonators.  So far no Elvises, though…

People are traveling a lot more right now and second homeowners are spending a lot more time here this year.  Judging from the numerous new upscale grocery and liquor stores in Summit County, corporate analysts must think this new wanderlust will continue.

And all of this despite continuous I 70 construction projects popping up at random and with no coordination.  It’s a catch-up program to cure 20 years of neglected roads.  Good news for professional flaggers, full employment for the next few years.  Bad news for drivers, there will be times when they’ve dug up the road both ahead of and behind you.  Local tip: always take extra food in the car.

But there’s a cure for all this hubbub… take a hike.  You can still find quiet and beautiful uninhabited places in Summit County if you just walk a mile or two.  The Rumor Monger would tell you where, but then he’d have to…  you know -find another place.

Stand up paddling has taken Summit by storm… every day there are people who look like they’re walking on the water in every lake and some of the rivers, too.  Both marinas and several sporting goods stores will rent or sell you a board.  It’s an easy way to get out on the water and away from the crowds.  Go early to avoid the afternoon wind and rain…. Or just jump in, the lake’s about the same temperature as the rain and just as wet.

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