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They’re not forest fires any more, they’re WILD FIRES (be afraid, be very afraid…).  Likewise, it’s not just a big storm any more, now it’s a SUPERSTORM!!!  And we have to give them names, too.  As in the recent headline: “Winter Storm Echo (How did I miss Alpha through Delta?) drops close to a foot of snow.”  Guess the Weather Service needed to jack up the hype to stay relevant.

CDOT goes back to the future… once again requiring adequate traction on Colorado highways during snow storms.  The State Legislature finally passed a “freedom-limiting” law requiring snow tires or chains for passenger vehicles during storms.  The nerve… When the Rumor Monger first moved to Colorado, the cops would stop you at Georgetown and Vail to see that you had good tires or chains.  Only took about 30 years for common sense to prevail again.

Colorado women rule the FIS ski racing circuit… between Mikaela Schiffrin and Lindsey Vonn the rest of the world might as well go home for cocoa.  Vonn has just become the winningest World Cup racer in history.  And Schiffrin dominated the slalom last year and won two slalom events this year before injuring her knee in December.  The guys meanwhile are busy dodging drones on the race course.

And speaking of drones… Colorado ski resorts are either banning them or limiting use to specific areas of the hill.  Really guys, toy airplanes?  Learn to fly real aircraft and stop being pilot posers.  Which do you think is more impressive in the bar: “I fly helicopters in the Arctic”… or… “I fly drones from my lawn chair”?  Just sayin’.

Summit County hasn’t quite arrived yet… we aren’t even rated on the scale of snobbiest Colorado towns in a recent list by something called  Aspen only came in 3rd with Vail second.  Aspen did take top ranking on the list of drunkest cities, however.  Looks like we’ve got work left to do, folks.

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