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radar-dishesSo will it dump or not this winter?… a record El Niño is heating up the water in the Pacific this year and that could mean really big snow… or not.  The only thing meteorologists agree on is that this is record El Niño and that SOMEONE will get dumped on.  But it could miss any given area by 50 miles or 250 miles.  Call your bookie now to get down on the over-under for this year.

While Summit County is busy building apartments and schools on the former airport property in Breck… Aspen is enlarging their airport to accommodate even more billionaires’ Gulfstream jets. The goal is to allow direct bizjet flights from Paris or other spots 7000 miles away.  Coulda been us… we’re stuck with just the multi-millionaires.

The latest CDOT brainstorm is a new Lexus lane on I70… to avoid being stuck with the 99%’ers in the other 2 lanes.  At high traffic times, this lane uses 10 miles of shoulder as a toll lane costing between $3 and $30 to guarantee patrons at least 45 miles per hour.  So what becomes of this lane when it’s not being tolled?  And do we have to dress to use it?  Wash the car?  Buy a new car?  So many questions…

On the other hand, not using a WWII howitzer to blast Loveland Pass avalanches any more makes sense… and CDOT is installing a remote blasting system to do just that.  Now instead of hurling high-explosives at the hill, they’ll just hit the button on a computer and create a propane and air explosion under the snow any time, day or night. CDOT workers, who occasionally get injured with the guns, will really appreciate this.  Now if they could just get some stripes on the roads…

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