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It was just an average snow year… but it didn’t stop the visitors.  Last season was a record year for skier days in Colorado.  We put over 13 million skiers on the lifts. County officials estimate about 5 million skier visits to Summit County alone, about a million more than the entire state of Utah.  And you can get a beer in Colorado… just sayin’.

Speaking of records… July 4th is getting to be insane. No one keeps actual numbers for this holiday, but it had to be a record.  This year the County was so full you couldn’t move.  Hot weather in Denver helped.  At this rate, you might want to put your lawn chair out by Main St. for next year’s parade… this week.

The bike path and the highway are switching places… to straighten out the curve and add lanes.  Starting at about the Frisco Peninsula tubing hill to the High School, Highway 9 will be moved to where the rec path now runs.  The old highway will become a rec path and run right next to the lake.   That’s the last section to be 4-laned to Breck… now maybe the cones will disappear for a few years.

OK… it’s time for someone to congratulate the Summit High Girl’s Rugby team… haven’t lost a game in 8 years, 8 state championships in a row, and second place in the Nation this year.  So the Rumour Monger will do it – CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!! You’d think you’d be invited to the Tonight Show or the White House or something.  Is it because they’re just a bunch of girls from some little place in the mountains??

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