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We’ve got 300% of normal snow levels this year… and it won’t stop snowing. Ski season has been extended into May at one Summit County resort and the others will probably follow. It looks like A Basin will make the 4th of July this year. Hawaii, anyone?

Vail Resorts (motto: We’re not a monopoly… yet) is locked in a battle with Copper Mountain owner Powdr Corp. (motto: the letter E is so over rated) over control of Park City Utah, also in a “Summit County”. If Vail wins this, they should immediately move to rename that low altitude Summit County (Utah) to Summit County, Jr. or Summit County II or perhaps Wish We Really Were Summit County. It’s time to stop this poaching of our brand. And someone sell Powdr a vowel, please.

The Division of Wildlife may not have thought this through… now that moose seem to be taking over the place. We’ve got ‘em in the Blue River by the Factory Stores, on the bike path, in our back yards. You really never know when or where you’ll meet up with one these days. What next? Moose tourism?

What’s with this left turn from the right lane stuff…. Three times just today one of our esteemed visitors has pulled this stunt on me. Yeah, I know that we got no lines painted on the roads in Colorado (motto: freestyle driving capital of the West), but even here the same laws of common sense should apply. Really… do you do that at home? Often?

The Rotary Ice Melt clock is already out on the lake. Kite skiers are whipping around it every day, so Rotary may have jumped the gun a bit. We could buy tickets, write our time and knock it over at the exact second. We can’t lose… except that might look suspicious. And the lake might not melt this year at all.

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