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radar-dishesYou can tell that nobody has any listings… by the size of the ads in the Summit Daily News.  Just about every Realtor has a double sized ad containing mostly their own picture.  Thus a new genre is born, the selfie ad.  And you thought it was all about your property.

Slowly but surely the Summit County bike path system continues to expand…. this year it will be extended to the top of Fremont Pass by the Climax mine.  Hope it relieves some of the crowds on the Frisco to Copper to Vail section which gets as busy some days as I-70. When this all began 20 years ago, the usual Aginners called it more wasted government spending, who was ever gonna use it?

Ya know how there’s never a hipster around when you need one?… well, that problem will be solved  when the new Natural Foods/Starbucks complex on Summit Blvd. is finished and joins Whole Foods.  That end of the boulevard will become Hipster Central.  All it needs is some lofts, some co-working space, lots of steel siding, wifi and a B Cycle rack or two.…

You can tell it’s spring in Summit County… the traditional potholes (some have names) are unfreezing and expanding. Traffic is lighter although it’s mostly cops lurking for locals.  Everyone you call for business is in the Virgin Islands for a week and the osprey and bald eagles have returned to their nests all over the place.  Oh, and it’s snowing harder.

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