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radioIt’s moose season again… and our mountains are getting crowded enough that an area near Aspen has been closed due to moose activity for the first time ever.  People actually try to have their picture taken petting a moose.  Others think their unleashed dogs won’t chase a moose and end up having a moose chase them.  Every year people are injured by moose in Colorado.  This isn’t Disneyland and those aren’t animatronic critters folks.

Stand-up paddling has taken Summit County by storm… Every calm morning you can see a dozen or more out paddling in Lake Dillon.  The Colorado River below Gore Canyon is a favorite as well.  Remember when the Denver water board wouldn’t even allow wading?

Other fun seekers fill the Vail Pass bike path… coasting down from the summit after being trucked up by local entrepreneurs.  Uphill traffic beware, especially on weekends as fleets of Iowa families tear downhill back to Frisco.

Remember the Frisco A&W where the owner used to put up bible quotes on the sign next to the cheesy fries ad?…   It’s gonna be a pot shop now.  What a turn around, and what a great location!  Right on Summit Blvd, next to Taco Bell and the yogurt shop.

Looks like a lot more affordable housing is on the way… if Congress can pass the Lake Hill project bill.  This orphan section of National Forest between I-70 and the dam road has been looked at for locals housing, rental and owned, for a long time.  Unless banks start making loans to first time buyers, this project isn’t going to help much, though.

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