Some Buzz Words Just Don’t Work

Be careful what you say, it could cost you money… or make you some.
A study by the University of Guelph Ontario looked at 20,000 Canadian real estate advertisements over 3 years and found that when it comes to descriptions of property for sale, style sells, substance doesn’t.
Using the phrase “good value” cost owners 5 percent in sale price. Pointing to “landscaping” sold the home 20 percent faster and “move in condition” homes sold in 12 percent less time. “Beautiful” homes sold 15 percent faster and for 5 percent more.
“Motivated seller”, “foreclosure”, and “handyman special” all cost sellers money at closing while “granite”, “maple” and “gourmet” brought higher prices.
Some material facts helped (“golf” or “lake”), while other presumably good features (“new paint”, “new carpet”) hurt sales prices.
And the ubiquitous “must see” had no effect whatsoever.
So if you’ve just listed your beautiful granite and maple filled gourmet home with great landscaping and curb appeal on a lakeside golf course lot in move-in condition, get ready to move out!

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