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Here’s just a sample of what goes on in Summit County. This page will bring you a video blog of the kinds of things people (generally me) do here in Summit County in a typical month. There will be videos of kite skiing, skiing, paragliding, mountain flights, snowshoeing and lots more. And this is only about half of what some others do here, but I’m old and can’t do EVERYTHING, ya know. But I’ll do my best. Enjoy!

Autumn Paragliding in Germany

The days were getting shorter and the sun was getting weaker, but that made for some very nice flying at Garmisch in big lazy thermals that took me all over the valley below the Zugspitze, the tallest peak in Germany.

The Vail Time Trial, USA Pro Cycle Challenge 2014

A cloudy day with periods of rain, but no wind and really dramatic sky.  Very green and still… a really nice day to be on Vail Pass all in all.  Take a look.

Or go directly to YouTube with this link

Upper Straight Creek Hike – July 27

It was a really nice morning to get out and see tons of wild flowers in a little visited valley just below the Continental Divide.  This is why we live here!

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Paragliding in St. Andres des Alpes, France June 2013

It takes me a while to make these movies, but finally here’s one from my trip to paraglide in France last June. Enjoy.

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Flying the Dolomites in Italy 2012

One of the most dramatic flying sites in Europe, the Dolomites are only good in the fall.  I got to fly there just before it snowed and ended the season.  Here’s what it looked like:


Late Season Paragliding at Golden, CO

It was cold, but there were still a couple of thermals lurking at Lookout Mtn. to take me over Buffalo Bill’s Grave and the towers. Nice to get such a good flight in light conditions so late in the season.

Open Distance Paragliding National championships – Sept. 2011

Provo Utah in September paragliding above the Wasatch Front Range overlooking the Salt Lake Valley

Clean, white Provo Utah was the site of the last major paragliding national competition for 2011. Launching from Inspiration Point above BYU, the task was to go as far as we could; no turn points, no goal, just distance. No one made it out of state, but there were some 80 mile flights. Then there were mine. Anyway, here’s what it looked like.

Paragliding at the Red Rocks National Championships

A warm evening in Monroe Utah the night before the Red Rocks National Paragliding Championships begins. This is how the best paragliders in the world fly the glass-off. Oh, I was there, too.

If this video loads too slowly, click here to go to YouTube for a faster look:

Paragliding in late May and early June in Europe at Annecy, France

Paragliding at Golden CO in April

It was a good day for getting out and up at Golden Colorado on April 12, 2011. Several PG pilots flew. No one went too far, but it was a nice day in pretty gentle conditions. Here’s what it looked like.

Sunset flight over Lake Powell – March 2011

OK…. this is not Summit County, but we left from there on a trip to San Diego for some winter paragliding. And grass ‘n trees. On the way back we had lunch in Page, AZ and hooked up the wing camera to video one of our favorite routes over Lake Powell. Hope you enjoy it.

December Kite Skiing on Lake Dillon

Kite Skiing season began early with hard, smooth ice and just enough snow to make it possible. Ice boaters are active this year after a year when the lake had a foot of snow before it really froze. If it’s going to be a cold, dry year, we might as well take advantage of it.

Here’s links to the videos on YouTube I’ve taken down from this site:

Horseshoe Bowl at Breck

Early Season at Copper Mtn.

Christmas Paragliding at Golden

Early Kite Skiing on Lake Dillon

Kite Skiing on Lake Dillon in February

Christmas Eve 182 flight over the Gore Range

Sunny January day with new snow 2013

Not much new snow in January, but sunny days with just enough powder in February made up for the lack.

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