Things That Are Absolute Deal Killers

Some things are absolute deal breakers for buyers and often they are things that a lot of people wouldn’t even consider a problem.
I was showing a very expensive home in a very upscale neighborhood to buyers who had seemed quite normal… until I opened the massive front door and the wife caught sight of the huge rock fireplace with an equally huge trophy elk head hanging over it.
She immediately returned to the car in a complete huff.  Each new house brought the question: are there any animal heads in there?
Since then, I’ve seen many other deal-killers.

How to create a really inviting introduction to your house
How to create a really inviting introduction to your house

Cigarette smell, pot smoke, cat or dog odor, old fireplace smoke, metal roofs, faux painting, animal skin rugs, bidets, large parrot cages, terrariums with lizards, snakes or spiders, and even faux Indian or big eyed children artwork can trigger reactions bordering on violent in some buyers.
Probably the worst was showing a condominium only to come face to face with a very neatly arranged shrine to Adolph Hitler, complete with a Nazi uniform mounted on a mannequin.  Even worse, the buyers I was working with were Jewish.  Needless to say we left.
I won’t even mention the obscene seven foot tall African carving involving monkeys I once encountered.
The point is there’s a good reason to depersonalize your property when you put it on the market.
Some people can smell cat before you open the door.  Ozone treatments might help for a while, but better to avoid the problem by not stinkin’ the place up in the first place.
Rude posters, religious icons, taxidermy, pet travel containers, pet beds, bongs and your collection of tarantulas should be ditched or stored off-site for the duration.
Old cars, lawn mowers, appliances or other stuff sitting on your lawn should go.  Buyers often won’t get out of the car if the yard looks like a recycle center.
Same goes for your “big, friendly” barking, jumping dogs.  Inside or out, buyers may cross your place off the list without looking.
“Take it or leave it”, you say, “I’ll wait for a buyer who likes dogs or cigars or Hitler”, but it’s not like buyers grow on trees no matter how good the market is.  You need to make a good impression quickly when buyers visit your home, not have them buy your lifestyle.
It’s a small town.  If Realtors know your place as the one with the python tank, they’ll be a lot less enthusiastic about showing it.
When you live in a home that’s on the market, you’re living in a show home and you aren’t on your own time any more.  You’re working for the sale, not yourself.

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